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Kombinētais detektors SWAN PGB (PIR+GBD) 18m 90° PET 25kg

Kombinētais detektors SWAN PGB (PIR+GBD) 18m 90° PET 25kg
Cena ar PVN: 24.30 €

Detection method Quad (Four Element) PIR & Microphone
Detection range Glass up to 10m ( 90° ); PIR up to 15m (WA lens)
Alarm period 2 sec (± 1 sec)
Led indicators Yellow LED (GLASS) – glass break signal for testing & adjustment
Green LED (SHOCK) – shock signal for testing & adjustment
Red LED (ALARM) – alarm signal
Fleshing light – glass & break detection or glass & shock & PIR detection Constant light – PIR detection
Warm up period 60sec (± 5sec)
Alarm output N.C 28VDC 0.1 A with 10 Ohm series protection resistor
Tamper Switch N.C 28VDC 0.1A with 10 Ohm series protection resistor open when cover is removed
Operating voltage 8.2 to 16 VDC
Current draw Alarm PIR :16.5mA
Alarm Shock & Glass: 22mA;
Alarm all: 18mA
Standby: 16.5 mA
White light filter 3500 Lux up to 6500 Lux with optional filter
RFI protection 30V/m 10 – 1000MHz
EMI protection 50,000V of electrical interference from lightning or power through
Optimum installation height 1.8m to 2.4m
Temperature compensation Yes
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Dimensions 123mm x 62mm x 38mm
Weight 110 gr

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